Class Guidance 

1. Fun Club Children

•Give your child his/her own bag that can be carried by him/her-self only. Put the most essential things in it, e.g., change of clothes, 1 diaper, and snack.
•Let them carry the bag independently starting from the drop-off area to the class.
•Extra bag for extra diapers, milk, etc, can be given to the teachers

2. Toddler Children

•Give your child the right size of bag for him/her to carry independently.
•Just put enough snack and limit it to 2 kinds only, e.g., bread and milk.
•Toilet training every Wednesday (starting 14th January 2009).
•Provide your children with their Communication Book.

3. Montessori Children

•Equip them with 2 pairs of shoes or sandals. 1 pair for outdoor (e.g., rubber shoes) and another pair for indoor (e.g., sandals) which can be left at school.
•Monday is Show & Tell session. Bring just one (1) object from home.
•Friday is Physical Exercise session. They need to wear rubber shoes and comfortable clothes (e.g., shorts and T-shirt)

General Rules

General rules that are still applied :

1. Birthday celebrations

Please inform the child’s Home Room teacher at least 3 days before if you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at school. The celebration will be in the Montessori way (where the child will hold a globe and walk around the sun according to its age), therefore you need to give the child’s photos from birth to present to the Home Room teacher.
You may bring cake or other food to share with his/her classmates. Please consult with the Home Room teacher whether there is an allergic consideration in the class to be reckoned with.
Goody bags are allowed but it is Not a must. Please consult with the Home-Room teacher beforehand.

2. Communication Book (CB)

The teachers are always available for consultation; appointment may be required beforehand. However, CB is another way to give notes or information that is more to the daily activities that should be reminded. You may write notes for the teachers in the CB as well.

3. Tooth Brush Kit

We still have brushing teeth activity after snack. Please put the child’s tooth brush kit in a small bag and you may leave it at school.

4. Accessories

We remind you again not to let your children wear jewelries or other valuables in school. Any losses in the school premises will not be our responsibilities.

5. Allergies

Please notify the school if your child has any allergy or has just recovered from an allergy.

6. Sickness

We advise you to let the child stay at home until he/she is fully recovered to avoid any spreading if your child develops symptoms of sickness, (e.g., coughing, runny nose, sneezing).


Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the difference between Montessori and traditional methods of teaching?
2. How is disciplined dealt with in a Montessori school?
3. Are Montessori classrooms too structured?
4. Does Montessori encourage creativity?
5. Is Montessori still relevant?
6. What is the ratio of teacher and students in each class?
7. What is the capacity of student of each class?
8. How many days of free trial do you give?
9. Does Bintang Montessori have another school besides at Jl. Benda No. 4?

Food Schedule

Food Schedule :

Legal Documents :

  1. 1. Mira Sutisna has earned International Diploma From Montessori Centre International with Diploma No.PTJAK03/25254.
  2. 2. Bintang Montessori is under progress of being recognized by DEPDIKDAS. The progress awaiting for the final IMB document.
  3. 3. The City Planning already legitimized and legalized Bintang Montessori site under SK Gub No. 138/-1.711.531 by DKI Jakarta Gov. H. Fauzi Bowo and KETETAPAN RENCANA KOTA No. 1030/GSB/JS/PM/XII/2010 by Kasudin Jaksel Mr. Ir. Gamal Sinurat, MT.
  4. 4. PT. Bintang Semesta Sejahtera is the legal owner of “BINTANG MONTESSORI” trademark with trademark certificate No.IDM000295699 given by DIRJEN HKI.
  5. 5. PT. Bintang Semesta Sejahtera is recognized and legitimized by Ministry of Law And Human Rights with certificate No. PT W7-05674 HT.01.01-TH2007.
  6. 6. TDP of PT. BMS : valid thru 17 April 2017
  7. 7. NPWP of PT. BMS : 02.617.
  8. 8. SIUP of PT. BMS : 06692-04/PK / 1.824.271 (KBLI : 7020,8230). valid thru 09 April 2017


Affiliates :

Bintang Montessori has several school affiliates that were chosen carefully, based on their quality and their integrity all these years.

1. Sekolah Global Jaya at Bintaro.
2. Jakarta Montessori School at Jagakarsa.
Please click our Links page at the bottom of the page to visit their website.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure :

Owner and Principal : Mira Sutisna
Administration and Vice Principal : Lorenz Sigar
Teachers :
Ms. Mira Sutisna
Ms. Alexandra Siahaan
Ms. Irma Yolanda Sutarwan
Ms. Rita Ho
Ms. Meirna Rachma
Ms. Widya Ginka
Ms. Lousa Lodevika Sarana
Fun Club
Ms. Dwi Isharmiyanti
Ms. Vika Lorentina
Helper :
Ms. Erika
Staff :

The Principal & Owner


Mira Sutisna, the principal, owner, and also teacher, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mira started her career as an educator for a few years at a Montessorian school thus fell in love with the Montessori principle in teaching and got her International Montessori Diploma in 2002. She gained more experience in working in other international schools before she decided to open her first Montessori playgroup and preschool at Jl. Benda, Kemang. In 2007 Bintang Montessori was established. Her goal is to provide a Montessori based school with quality oriented education, which also has a natural and comfortable environment for children.

If you have any questions regarding Bintang Montessori, do not hesitate to ask. Please send us your questions or comments in the Contact Us  page . Thank you very much.